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Winterize a Misting System

Take these steps to protect your investment.
While some installers in colder climates choose to use potable anti-freeze or windshield washer fluid to flush the system and nozzle circuit, it is more important to remove as much fluid from the system as possible.

This action will ensure that, in the event of a hard freeze, any trapped fluid has room to expand as it freezes without placing pressure on a component.

It is also important to flush the system and nozzle circuit with as much fresh water as possible to eliminate any lingering chemical residue.

The following steps are recommended for winterizing your system:

  1. Fill a 5-gallon bucket with fresh water and position next to unit.
  2. Remove weather cover and drum lid (with mounted assembly) from drum. Reposition pump intake line so that it is submerged inside the 5-gallon bucket of water.
  3. Manually mist the system for approximately 2 minutes. The mist cycle will flush the pump and nozzle circuit with water.
  4. Disconnect nozzle circuit line and/or inline check valve and allow any excess fluid to drain into the tank.
  5. OPTIONAL: Using a portable air compressor or compressed air tank, blow air through the nozzle circuit line for approximately one minute.
  6. Remove intake line from bucket and activate a dry (suction line not in any fluid) manual mist to remove water from pump and pump assembly.
  7. Reposition pump intake line inside the tank and secure drum lid back on drum.
  8. Unplug unit and wrap power cord around assembly.
  9. OPTIONAL: For added insulation, wrap a small towel around the brass pump and secure with a rubber band or small piece of string.
  10. Replace weather cover.


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