German Cockroach Tips and Treatment

Typically found in kitchens and bathrooms

German cockroach control is dependent on customer interaction, population level, and dispersion of the colony through previous treatment attempts.

Our German cockroach treatment is a specific, corrective treatment, not included in our Preventative General Pest Control Service. In order to reverse the problem and interrupt the life cycle, a combination of non-repellent products, baits and Insect Growth Regulators are utilized.

Before Service

  • Empty all cabinets around infested area
  • Cover all open food containers
  • Empty food pantry
  • Keep kitchen table/counter clear for treatment

After Service

  • Do not use cleaning products on treated surfaces for at least 48 hours
  • Wait at least 48 hours to purt out Pheromone Traps left by technician
  • Be patient – allow chemicals to do their job for at least a week before retreatment


If follow-up treatment is needed or recommended, the price will be ½ of the original treatment up to 90 days after original treatment date.



Interesting Facts

  • German cockroaches reproduce about 6 times a year
  • They can have up to 50 babies in each each egg case
  • They love cardboard boxes and paper bags
  •  They are not from Germany, but are from Egypt
  • The live near their food and water sources
  • They are omnivorous and cannibalistic
  • They can live up to a week without their head
  • Females about to lay eggs remain hidden for up to a week before depositing egg case
  • Babies are sexually mature after 6 weeks

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